Science-IT training courses

Science-IT puts on various training courses, mainly at the C (HPC) level. Our guests sometimes put on specialized courses at the B or D level, too. Our past courses, including material, can be seen on the Science-IT training page.

Our courses are not yet split into modules with separate pages, but our existing modules are roughly as follows. To find slides, look at the past few summer kickstarts on the training archive, for example 2017:

Linux shell

B10, B20

Introduction to the Linux environment and shell up to advanced shell scripting. An important prerequisite for Triton usage, and in general any computational research. Materials.

The following are our course course in HPC

HPC Fundamentals; Triton Overview


Background as to what HPC is and what resources we offer. Why would it be used? (1.1 and 1.2 from the 2017 material)

Environment Modules


Introduction to finding software on Triton. (2.2 from the 2017 material, best done after C21)

Getting Started; Slurm Basics


Connecting to Triton and running your first jobs on the cluster. (2.1 from the 2017 material)

Storage ; Data Management


What storage is available and more importantly: how to use it. (2.3 and 2.4 from the 2017 material)

Slurm advanced ; Troubleshooting on Triton


How to run parallel jobs and solve problems. (2.4 and 3.0 from 2017 material)

Other courses we have offered in the past (most by guest lecturers)

Matlab basics
Matlab continuation
GPU Computing
Hands-on molecular dynamics with LAMMPS
Python for Scientific Computing
… and more