Scicomp garage

The Aalto Scicomp Garage is a help session for scientific computing at Aalto organized by the Science-IT team (Triton admins). It’s the best time to talk to the people behind scientific computing at Aalto. This is a place to get stuff done, so bring your laptop and coffee/food, and come hang out.

Most of the time, we are just there to answer questions.

Sometimes, there may be a short presentation on some topic, but you can still ask questions to the other staff before, during, and after that.

Come if you want to:

  • Solve problems
  • Discuss bigger problems
  • Network with others who are doing similar work
  • Learn something new
  • Give feedback


  • Days: Triton garage is every week from 13:00-14:00 on Thursdays.
  • Time: We promise to be there only the first 30 minutes or so, if everyone leaves before then. Usually we are there the whole time.
  • Location: See below. T4 and A106 (CS building), A237 (CS building).
Date (default Th) Time (default 13:00-14:00) Loc Topic
9.8   B337 Note different room, 3rd floor northwest corner of building
16.8   CS 3rd floor bridge  
23.8   B337 Note different room, 3rd floor northwest corner of building
30.8   A106  
6.9   A106  
13.9   A106  
20.9   A106  
27.9   A106  
4.10   A106  
11.10   Outside T1 Stand as part of CS research day
18.10   A106  
25.10   A106  
1.11   A106  
8.11   A106  
15.11   A106  
22.11   A106  
29.11   A106 (yes, the Triton move was done on time)
6.12   A106 NO garage (holiday)
13.12   A106 NO garage (CodeRefinery at same time)
20.12   A106 probably NO garage, but check back for updates.

Dates after 2.8 to be decided later.

Possible special topics

  • Profiling and performance monitoring
  • debugging
  • open source: making software and running a project, licenses
  • shell scripting and automation
  • unix intro
  • software testing
  • building good programs
  • porting python2 to python3
  • R
  • matlab
  • GPU / deep learning computing
  • molecular dynamics software

Past events

Scicomp Garage has existed since Spring 2017.