Scicomp garage

The Aalto Scicomp Garage is a help session for scientific computing at Aalto organized by the Science-IT team (Triton admins). It’s the best time to talk to the people behind scientific computing at Aalto. This is a place to get stuff done, so bring your laptop and coffee/food, and come hang out.

Most of the time, we are just there to answer questions.

Sometimes, there may be a short presentation on some topic, but you can still ask questions to the other staff before, during, and after that.

Come if you want to:

  • Solve problems
  • Discuss bigger problems
  • Network with others who are doing similar work
  • Learn something new
  • Give feedback


  • Days: Triton garage is every week from 14:00-15:00 on Thursdays.
  • Time: We promise to be there only the first 30 minutes, so if everyone leaves before then we might leave too (usually we are there the whole time).
  • Location: See below. Common locations: T4 and A106 (CS building, by entrance around back of T2), A237 (CS building, by main coffee room on 2nd floor A wing) and B121 (CS building).
Date (default Th) Time (default 14:00-15:00) Loc Topic
3.jan 13-14 A106 Rest of year decided soon
17.jan 14-15 CS A2 CS building, 2nd floor coffee room in the A wing
24.jan 14-15 CS A2 CS building, 2nd floor coffee room in the A wing
31.jan 14-15 A237  
7.feb 14-15 A237  
14.feb 14-15 A237  
21.feb 14-15 A237  
28.feb 13-14 A106 From today, room changes to A106 and time changes to 13-14
7.mar 13-14 B337 Note room is different
14.mar 13-14 A106  
21.mar 13-14 A106  
28.mar 13-14 A106  
4.apr 13-14 B337 Note room is different
11.apr 13-14 A106  
18.apr 13-14 A106  
25.apr 13-14 A106  
2.may 13-14 A106  
9.may 13-14 A106  
16.may 13-14 A106  
23.may 13-14 A106  
30.may     No garage, holiday.
6.jun 13-14 A106  
13.jun 13-14 A106  

Possible special topics

  • Profiling and performance monitoring
  • debugging
  • open source: making software and running a project, licenses
  • shell scripting and automation
  • unix intro
  • software testing
  • building good programs
  • porting python2 to python3
  • R
  • matlab
  • GPU / deep learning computing
  • molecular dynamics software

Past events

Scicomp Garage has existed since Spring 2017.